Managing postal items with smart Lockpost terminals

Imagine sending and receiving all your posts is done at your home or workplace. What we are looking for is to create a new experience.


Everything you expect


Everything you need to send and receive your posts is simply there.


Lockpost terminals play their role well in interacting with users.


All postal packages are kept in the Lockpost safe.

Be Smarter Now

Lockpost terminals, a smarter way to manage postal parcels; Sending and Receiving your packages have never been so easy.

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    Refer to the locker of your workplace or home and select the delivery service.
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    After selecting one of the operators, submit your request.
  • 3
    Put your package in the Lockpost to start the process of sending through all of the country.
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    The courier refers to the locker at your work place or home and searches for the recipient's name in the Lockpost.
  • 2
    Depending on the dimensions of your package, select one of the boxes and place it in the locker.
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    Now you can receive your order through the order access pin or QR code which will be sent to you via SMS and email.
locker variations

User-based design

Ability to select a product based on user needs

Choose a locker that suits your needs, tastes and environment to form part of the harmony of your work or life.

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Our Team

Our passion for what we do lies in the services we provide


Packages traffic security in crowding

One of the most important challenges for malls is managing day and night receipts.

This has created many challenges and irregularities in the business environment, including courier traffic, lack of proper coordination with the recipients or senders of packages.

Lockpost has made it possible to deliver and send postal items at a specific point in commercial centers. Therefore, stores in shopping malls have access to several postal companies to send in and out of the city at the same time.

It is also possible to receive a variety of postal and food items from delivery companies, without contact the recipient. Lockpost provides its services every hour of the activity of shopping centers.

Another valuable service, after a lot of research, is the providing of smart temporary safe deposit box service to business clients. Clients can walk around the passage and shop more easily than before by delivering their items to Lockpost.


Whenever you want

Lockpost can be your smart assistant to receive 24-hour packages.

Receiving postal items, online shopping and any other order always requires the presence of the recipient or prior coordination. This challenge is most felt when we do not know the exact time the packages arrive at the destination, and this may damage our daily planning.

The idea that you can reach the best postal service providers to send your mail as soon as possible from your work place or home can be very appealing. Just go to your building lobby and use the lock service.


One step closer to customers

It is no longer necessary to set up independent branches and delivery points.

Lock post Located in various places such as commercial, office, residential and public places such as metro stations and neighborhood houses, has provided access to smart services for operators and postal activists.

What we are focusing on is improving the customer experience and the quality of service. In addition, if postal companies make good use of the Lock post mailbox network, they will see a reduction in distribution costs, warehousing, and even a reduction in the number of returned packages.

Another benefit is the creation of night delivery.

Experience a beneficial purchase for customers

Lock post is the first manufacturer of smart lockers in the country

Lockpost has provided the possibility of creating BOPIS service (Buy online, pick up in store) for the first time in Iran and especially for chain stores. With the implementation of this system, the link of online shopping and in-person download will be provided at the store.

If chain stores can expand their purchasing and distribution channels, it will undoubtedly increase customer satisfaction. This service not only helps to improve the customer experience, but also reduces logistics costs and improves distribution planning.


Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Lockpost ?

Lockers are located indoors and safely. The boxes have a firm body and each of them has at least 2 cameras. These boxes are equipped with a position finder, motion-sensitive warning system, shock and sensors to check the environment behind the doors to be aware of any unusual objects.

How long does it take to get my package ?

You will have 24 to 48 hours to pick up your package once the SMS and email containing the access code and barcode are sent to you. In case of delay in removing or not being able to remove the postal package, we will refer it to the online store distribution center.

Will I be notified for a reminder ?

You will be notified via SMS and email when your postal package is in the postal lock. We will inform you again about the duration and before expiration of receiving the package.

Can someone else receive the package on my behalf ?

Yes, all you need to do is send the OTP (one-time) password to the person who is going to deliver the package to you. Keep in mind that sending a password to another person means accepting the available possibilities, and it is your responsibility to be careful in this case and transfer your password to another person with full knowledge.

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